Note: New applicants for membership must submit a New Membership Application Form and be nominated and seconded by currentĀ members of the centre. Please refer to the Membership Application section below for more information.

Membership is at the very heart of our centre. It is one of the most popular and practical ways that friends and supporters of De-Tong Ling Retreat Centre can provide substantial support. As well as becoming part of a developing Buddhist community – dedicated to providing the most conducive conditions for Dharma practice and meditation – our members are the financial backbone of the centre, enabling us to meet the costs of keeping DTL functioning. Every day, DTL offers those seeking a meaningful spiritual life an opportunity to further this goal. As a member, your contribution will enhance our ability to offer them this opportunity. As our membership grows, so too does our ability to run group retreats, improve our services and invite teachers.

Our spiritual director, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, said:

“A Mahayana Dharma Centre is a place which provides education on how to develop great compassion towards all living beings and which causes others to practice and actualize this compassion in their heart. Compassion never allows harm to be given to others and is only to benefit others, so a Dharma Centre becomes a very important tool to bring peace in the world and in the minds of numberless sentient beings.”

Membership contributions are used for:

  • Centre maintenance, administration and communication
  • Building improvements
  • Subsidisation of Sangha members in retreat
  • Invitation and support of visiting teachers

As well as supporting the centre, a portion of each member’s contribution goes towards the global activities of the FPMT (and indirectly His Holiness the Dalai Lama).

FPMT activities include:

  • Comprehensive Buddhist education programs making the dharma available for people in many countries.
  • Charitable works such as healing and hospice work.
  • Dharma publishing, including many books for free distribution.
  • Support for the poor, destitute and the dying in the third world.
  • Support for Buddhist monks and nuns, both western and Tibetan.

Membership Application

A request for membership can be made by downloading the New Membership Application Form. Please fill out the details and send a copy to the email address provided on the form. Or you may send it to the centre’s postal address at PO Box 16, Glenside, SA 5065. For questions and more information regarding membership, please contact Dani Guo, Retreat Manager, via the Contact Us page.

The yearly membership fee is $75 and $60 for concession. It begins 6 July of each year on His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s birthday and ends on 5 July of the following year. For example, 6 July 2016 – 5 July 2017 (current membership year). The annual membership renewal date is 6 July.

Membership contributions can be made by credit card via the secure donation facility on this website, by electronic bank transfer or by cheque, payable to De-Tong Ling Retreat Centre. Please refer to the Donations page.

Note that as a member you agree to be bound by the rules of the centre, including its Statement of Objectives, and that you are not a practitioner of Shugden.