Present Opportunity: Skilled and Unskilled Volunteers Needed. 

July 2017

We are currently looking for volunteers to come to De-Tong Ling and help for as long as they would like with the building of the Group Retreat Facility.  The work involved includes: multiple building trades, general labourers, cooks/bakers, cleaners, chai/tea makers, vegetable and landscape gardeners, day to day maintenance of the houses and retreat facilities. There are also some more specialised works requiring attention. This includes completing the Prayer wheel roof structure, wall rendering and general building/handyperson skills. Short or long stays are welcome

If you would like more information, please download our DTL Volunteer info pack 2017 or feel free to send us a message via the Contact Us page. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at De-Tong Ling.

Volunteering at De-Tong Ling

“You cannot imagine how much merit you can create by working for the Centres of Lama Zopa Rinpoche for even one day, because Rinpoche’s Bodhicitta is so huge.”

De-Tong Ling Retreat Centre (DTL) has always relied on the kindness, generosity and ongoing support of volunteers for the centre to flourish and fulfill its intended purpose. That purpose is to be a place of refuge and solitude for those who wish to engage in long-term meditation in isolation, thereby benefiting all beings through the spiritual gifts they bring with them when they return to society.

Offering service to DTL is a great way to amass heaps of merit (positive energy) and advance on your own spiritual path – not to mention a great and meaningful way to take a break from the busyness of mainland life and spend time with like-minded people in the beautiful environment of the western end of Kangaroo Island.

The retreat houses and grounds at DTL need continuous maintenance and improvement. The current projects at hand, the Large Prayer Wheel and the Group Retreat Facility, are also in need of help to complete. All of these are accomplished only through the work and kindness of volunteers and benefactors.

We are always in need of volunteers with trade skills, especially in the electrical, carpentry and plumbing fields, and for a cook with expertise in vegetarian cooking to cook for our two annual group retreats. However, a willing pair of hands and a wish to be of benefit to others is at the heart of all we could wish for.

We offer accommodation to those wishing to volunteer at DTL but because our centre operates on a small budget, we have to ask for a small contribution of a nominal fee to help cover some of the costs of food, gas, consumables and volunteer insurance.

There are also often other types of volunteer opportunities that present themselves and there are many jobs that can be done from home, particularly in the area of administrative tasks, such as newsletter publication, publicity, database management and fundraising. If you feel you could help out in these areas we would be very happy you hear from you. Please contact the Director or Secretary via the Contact Us page for further information.

Code of Conduct

While on De-Tong Ling, it is expected that all will endeavor to maintain the following standards of behavior:

  • To abstain from intentionally killing any living being
  • To abstain from stealing or taking that which is not freely given
  • To abstain from lying
  • To abstain from sexual misconduct
  • To abstain from becoming intoxicated
  • To engage in respectful speech and actions towards all Sangha, visitors, residents and other volunteers
  • To avoid harmful speech such as slander, gossip, arguing or complaining and instead, if necessary, use appropriate grievance procedures to resolve concerns
  • To behave in a way that is mindful of the DTL values of compassion, respect, harmony and spiritual focus
  • To refrain from smoking except in designated areas

We hope this code of behavior is accepted in the spirit in which it is intended – that is, to provide a safe, harmonious and caring environment in accord with basic Buddhist principles.