Calm abiding: Easter 2021 retreat success

Ven Tenzin Tsapel Dharma teacher

The wonderful Ven. Tenzin Tsapel, teaching in the meditation hall of De Tong Ling, Easter 2021

This year’s Easter retreat on shamatha with Ven. Tsapel held was a wonderful experience for everyone.

Ven. Tsapel taught the methods of calm abiding, developing awareness of awareness itself. It really was a fantastic opportunity to receive teachings on these profound techniques from an experienced and highly qualified teacher. The participants were relaxed and happy, and enjoyed staying in the new accommodation facilities.
This retreat was a taste of how successful De Tong Ling is now, and is becoming. This is a result of the hard work of many people – building, cooking, meeting, planning, supporting, donating, meditating. This work has been ongoing for many years is now bearing a most wonderful fruit – fruit of listening, thinking and meditating on the wisdom teachings of the Buddha.

Thank you to this year’s participants, we hope you will be back many times!

Thank you Venerable Tsapel again. We hope to see you back at De Tong Ling in the not too distant future!
And to anyone reading this, we really hope you can see the immense value in having this centre operating now in such a remote and beautiful setting. Please support the centre’s work. Head over to our donations page or the membership page and support the work.
There is still more to be done on the Group Retreat Facility – the potential is just now being realised. How wonderful.