Four Close Placements of Mindfulness Meditation Retreat – April 2023

Easter Retreat 2023 – a huge success!


This year’s Easter Meditation Retreat was led by Venerable Lozang Yeshe on the topic of Four Close Placements of Mindfulness.

It was the first meditation retreat Ven Yeshe led at De-Tong Ling.

His expertise, knowledge and gentle nature made the retreat so special for everyone.

All participants got so much out of a 4 day retreat.

Over all, conditions for this event were more than prefect. We didn’t get much rain. The newly installed heater in the dinning area was such a treat for cooler evenings.

Our famous kitchen duo Tom and Pavel cooked delicious meals followed by sweet and not so sweet desserts. Heidi’s soups were tasty and full of nutrition. Everyone went for seconds when Kimball’s curry was served.

We hope that Ven Yeshe will come back to our centre to lead more retreats in the future. He is an incredible teacher and a Dharma practitioner. We cant thank enough everyone for coming to DTL and making this retreat such an incredible and unforgettable experience.