Register now for 2022 Calm Abiding Meditation Retreat

De-Tong Ling is very happy to be hosting our annual Calm Abiding Retreat over the Easter holiday long weekend, Thursday 14 April to Monday 18 April, 2022.


Symbolic depiction of the journey to Calm Abiding

Stages of practice on the path to Calm Abiding.

The Buddhist teachings contain detailed instructions on how to progressively refine one’s ability to concentrate.  With a well concentrated mind, a meditator is able to suppress disturbing thoughts and delusions.  When concentration is perfected this is described as a state of Calm Abiding (shamatha).  Buddhist meditators combine Calm Abiding with Wisdom (vipassana), to overcome disturbing thoughts and delusions in their entirety and attain Liberation (Nirvana).

This year’s Calm Abiding Retreat will be a fantastic opportunity to listen to clear guidance on this crucial topic from an experienced meditator.  Venerable Tenzin Tsapel, one of the most senior teachers of the FPMT, is especially qualified to guide this course, having previously completed a two-year solitary calm abiding retreat at De-Tong Ling.

This will be the third Calm Abiding Retreat Ven. Tsapel has led at De-Tong Ling and we are sure attendees will gain a lot of knowledge and inspiration from this wonderful event.

Detailed information on the Calm Abiding Retreat, including accommodation options and costings can be downloaded here.  Note that De-Tong Ling members receive a 10% discount.

To register, please complete this application form and email to the De-Tong Ling Manager.

Applications close 4th April, 2022.

We encourage you to take the time to attend this Calm Abiding meditation retreat with the wonderful Ven. Tsapel.  With the accommodation building of the new Group Retreat Facility operational, this year’s retreat will certainly be comfortable and conducive to improving your meditation practice.  This is, after all, the very purpose of De-Tong Ling itself.

Great Tsongkhapa wrote:

Meditative concentration is the king to rule the mind,
When stabilised, it sits like a mountain,
When directed, it can enter all virtuous meditations,
And it leads to every physical and mental joy.
Knowing this, great yogis always rely upon this,
Destroyer of the enemy mental wandering.
I, a yogi, did that myself.
You, O seeker of liberation, should do likewise.

Please note that with respect to Covid-19 we will do everything to ensure your safety during travel and the retreat, in accordance with the health requirements at the time.  Likewise, we anticipate that you will take responsibility for keeping those around you safe.