Register now for 2022 Lam-Rim Meditation Retreat

De-Tong Ling is very happy to be hosting our annual Lam-Rim Retreat from Tuesday 11 October to Thursday 20 October, 2022

This retreat is designed for Buddhists wishing to deepen their practice by meditating on the fundamental teachings of the Buddha which lead to Enlightenment for the benefit of onerself and others. The guided meditations on the Lam-Rim (the graduated path to enlightenment) have the power to bring about effective and positive changes in our hearts and lives.
During this retreat students are led through the entire Lam-Rim meditations several times.

This year’s Lam-Rim Retreat will be a great opportunity to listen to clear guidance on this crucial topic from an experienced teacher.
Venerable Tony Beaumont trained as a psychiatric nurse, took novice ordination in 1991 and full ordination in 1993. He has lived in Nalanda monastery in France, was the director at Thubten Shedrub Ling monastery in Bendigo, and director of the International Mahayana Institute. Venerable Tony has been based at Chenrezig Institute for the last 7 years teaching, leading retreats, and teaching in prisons and schools.

This will be the third Lam-Rim Retreat led by Ven. Tony at De-Tong Ling and we are sure attendees will gain much knowledge and inspiration from this wonderful event.

Detailed information on the Lam-Rim Retreat, including costs and options for accommodation and travel, can be downloaded here.  Note that De-Tong Ling members and Sangha receive a 10% discount.

To register, please complete this application form and email to the De-Tong Ling Manager.

Applications close 3rd October, 2022.

We encourage you to take the time to attend this Lam-Rim meditation retreat with the inspiring Ven. Tony.  Now that the accommodation building of the new Group Retreat Facility is operational, this year’s retreat will certainly be comfortable and conducive to improving your meditation practice.  This is, after all, the very purpose of De-Tong Ling itself.

Please note that with respect to Covid-19 we will do everything to ensure your safety during travel and the retreat, in accordance with the health requirements at the time.  Likewise, we anticipate that you will take responsibility for keeping those around you safe.