De-Tong Ling is a purpose-built retreat centre offering the perfect environment for short and long-term individual and group retreats.

At present, De-Tong Ling offers annual group retreats in October and at Easter. When the Group Retreat Facility is functioning, we will offer even more regular retreats.

To support the retreat environment, we require that all people engaging in retreat adhere to the five basic Buddhist precepts and respect the protocols of the retreat centre.

We welcome retreat applications from all Buddhist traditions and other contemplative faiths.


What is ‘retreat’?

Solitary retreat involves ‘retreating’ from normal, daily activities, comforts, hobbies, routines and attachments so that one is free to look deeply within. Engaging in solitary meditation retreat requires preparation on both a mental and physical level. It’s important to ensure that personal affairs are in order and that there is the mental and physical space in life to commit completely to the experience of retreat.

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Individual Retreat

Individual retreat is a personal meditative journey.

Group Retreat

Custom built retreat space available to groups of individuals.