Group Retreat

Group Meditation Retreats

2022 Lam-Rim Retreat


Dates:   Tuesday 11th to Thursday 20th October

Leader:   Venerable Tony Beaumont

Applications close:   Monday 3 October, 2022

Detailed information: For retreat costs and options for accommodation and travel, please download the 2022 Lam-Rim Retreat Info Pack.

To attend the retreat:  Please download, complete and submit the 2022 Lam-Rim Retreat Application Form.

Booking & Enquiries:  Please phone Pavel, the Centre Manager, on 0433 191 126 or contact him by email via the Contact Us page.

This year’s annual Lam-Rim Retreat is designed for Buddhists wishing to deepen their practice by meditating on the fundamental teachings of the Buddha which lead to Enlightenment for the benefit of oneself and others.
If you are unfamiliar with the Lam-Rim teachings please refer to Wikipedia