Group Retreat Facility building update November 2020

Group Retreat Facility construction continues apace!

Great progress has been made in the accommodation and ablution blocks recently.

Timber wall panelling and floors in the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry fixtures, external paving and completion of the battery house; all done.

Plus the purchase of furniture, linen and curtains to fit out the rooms has already begun. Exciting!

Use of professional contractors has improved the pace and quality of the building work, but there are still volunteers who are making very important contributions, and we thank all the workers involved in this amazing project.

Currently there are two essential components of this phase of the GRF being organised: the off-grid solar power system and the fire-water sprinkler system, both of which should be completed before Christmas. Ready in time for our newly announced Easter Retreat, Calm Abiding with Ven. Tenzin Tsepel. Look out for more details to come on this even soon!

How wonderful.