Response to the Covid-19 Virus

We are continuing to monitor the health risks associated with the Covid-19 virus, and in all activities involved with De-Tong Ling we take into account the degree of isolation set by the government, personal risk assessments and respect for the Kangaroo Island residents’ feelings regarding outsiders visiting the island.


De-Tong Ling Retreat Centre is now open to those who wish to come for individual retreat. However applications are restricted to those living in South Australia or those who have been in the state for over a fortnight and have been declared free from the virus.
The annual Lam-Rim Meditation Retreat was expected to be held in October with Gen. Dondrub leading.  However, due to the ongoing uncertainty related to the spread of the virus, regrettably this retreat will not proceed.

Group Retreat Facility

Construction of the Group Retreat Facility (GRF) is now ongoing and will continue while there are no health risks to workers and centre personnel.