How to leave a Bequest to DTL

You can continue to benefit De-Tong Ling after you pass away with a bequest.  When you die it is appropriate that you provide for your loved ones and family in your will.  However, you may also choose to leave part of your estate in the form of a bequest to De-Tong Ling.  A bequest may take many forms, such as money, property, working vehicles and farm machinery and sponsorship of Sangha engaging in long-term retreat.  Any of these would be gratefully appreciated by the Centre.

Ensuring the continuation of De-Tong Ling as a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre, as well as contributing to the upkeep of the Enlightenment Stupa, are some of the most valuable and meaningful ways one can help others.

By supporting De-Tong Ling you will be sharing in the vision of providing these facilities and opportunities for generations to come. More information can be found here.

Please contact the Centre for more information.